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MSCA BORGES ESR grant on microfluidic devices integrated into organic electronics biosensors

Research grant position for 3 years is available in Scriba Nanotecnologie srl, in the framework of Marie Skłodowska-Curie MSCA-ITN-ETN action BORGES (Biosensing with organic electronics).

The main objective of the BORGES Network is to train the next generation of R&D innovators in organic bioelectronics, with the aim of developing organic biosensors up to demonstration in an end-user significant context. Based on each of the major challenges listed above, we define five specific objectives: (i) BORGES trainees will be educated with a perspective of the technology, from fundamentals and fabrication, through characterization, to clinical/research user scenarios. (ii) A thorough, multiscale investigation of the chemistry and physics of signal transduction will be undertaken, in close collaboration with fabrication- and end-use-focused BORGES partners. (iii) Biosensor architectures and materials will be designed and optimized to work with complex biological samples (plasma, serum, urine, sweat, cerebrospinal fluid). (iv) Biosensor prototyping and optimization will be considered from a scaling-up perspective even at the initial design phase, including ongoing bidirectional communication with industrial partners. (v) Sensor systems, characterization protocols, and data processing will be combined to enable personalized medicine solutions, ready for clinical/end-user scenarios. The BORGES ETN is designed to address each of these five major questions. A BORGES ESR will acquire holistic, interdisciplinary training on how to design, develop, and validate sensing solutions (in vitro and ex vivo, not in vivo) using organic bioelectronics platforms. The specific sensors that will be developed within BORGES will be electrolyte-gated organic synapstors (EGOS, or “synapstors”), electrolyte gated organic field effect transistors EGOFETs, organic electrochemical transistors OECTs, and graphene field-effect transistors gFETs. These sensing architectures will be designed to convert selected analyte concentration into a change in voltage, current, transconductance, and then prototyped and integrated for hospital/clinical applications with the aim to quantify a set of disease biomarkers with very low limit-of-detection (~pM to mM range).

Scriba Nanotecnologie is a dynamic SME, founded in 2005 as a start-up of the National Council of Research, which will provide a microfluidic device to be integrated into organic electronics biosensors. Considering fabrication output, a suitable number of integrated prototypes will be prepared using UV photolithography techniques, laser lithography, photopolymerization and replica molding.

The candidate should have a Master degree in chemistry, physics or equivalent, and gained experience of three years after graduation, in research laboratories. The knowledge of microfabrication techniques (photolithography, laser lithography and soft-lithography) will be a strong factor in assessing priority. Knowledge of programming and finite element modeling are welcome.

Candidates of all nationalities may apply, but they must not have lived in Italy for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to their appointment. Moreover, at the time of recruitment, the candidate has to be in the first four years of her/his research careers and have not been awarded a doctoral degree.

Within the framework of BORGES, the ESR will work on design and fabrication of microfluidics-based solution for sample pre-treatment and delivery to the sensing unit, using UV photolithography techniques, laser lithography, photopolymerization and replica molding. The candidate must prepare monthly reports on its activities and present the results in English language in the context of company and project meetings.


All candidates should send their application with curriculum vitae and cover letter to

“The data of the applicant will be collected in order to realize the selection procedure such as described in Grant Agreement No. 813863 – Horizon 2020 BORGES and will be communicated Scriba Nanotecnologie to the Recruitment and Training Committee which is composed by representatives of the beneficiaries having part in the project. The candidate may refer to Scriba Nanotecnologie in order to exercise her/his rights under art. 15 – 22 Reg. (EU) 2016/679.”

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