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Scriba Nanotecnologie


Custom microfabrication:
from an idea to a prototype

Scriba has a decennial experience in microfabrication. Our strengths are the complete customization of our systems, based on customers’ demands, flexibility and a quick answer to customers feedback.

We can prototype many different types of devices such as microfluidic chips, connectors, accessories and other devices.

We at Scriba Nanotecnologie think that you cannot be limited by standard designs.

All the microfabrications are made based on the customers' requests, which can provide to Scriba the design of the desired object or Scriba’s team can directly design and draws the object based on customers needs and suggestions.

Nowadays, microfabrication is a combination of different technologies which are used for making manifold microdevices. In Scriba, we can adopt different microfabrication techniques, from laser ablation to 3D printer, for fabricating microdevices.



We will work with you to...

  • Understand your application and use 2D and 3D CAD and flow modelling tools (finite element calculation method integrated in the COMSOL-FEMLAB software) to confirm the design before fabrication

  • Optimize your own designs

  • Select the best fabrication process, materials, coatings, connections and pumping solutions

  • Suggest design improvements so you can achieve optimum device performance

  • Test the device to make sure you receive the highest quality device

  • Deliver to you as fast as possible

We try to helping you find the best solution for your application!

If you are looking for something not on the above list feel free to contact us. We will find the best solution for you!

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