Vision systems for industrial automation

Quality control in high-speed line production

The vision systems offered by Scriba are designed and developed according to the specific requirements of each particular application and are a winning choice in every project where a high degree of customization is required.

Based on the “know-how” gained in Nanoviewer development, Scriba has developed a software platform that allows the company to offer a new generation of industrial systems for machine vision, able to satisfy the most demanding requirements.


  • simultaneous control of various parameters
  • very accurate measurements, with 10 microns spatial resolution
  • 2000 pcs/min inspections using a single camera
  • real-time communication on digital I/O
  • user interface can be stand-alone or easily integrated in any existing application, thanks to cutting edge web technologies


The “core” of the vision system software is built in modular, efficient and multiplatform compatible way, designed and developed to take advantage of modern multi-core processors. Overall, it’s a very versatile and adaptable software, that can be used in combination with wide range of hardware on client preference:

  • industrial PCs, for maximum reliability and maximum performance
  • smart cameras, for easy installation even in tight space locations
  • embedded systems, when minimizing power consumption is the priority


This software includes as well an emulator for already acquired images, providing this way a possibility to develop “ad hoc” image analysis on client requirements.

This real-time system, with reaction times of less than 1ms and granular management of the task priority, can work in parallel.

The Graphic User Interface has been projected to be fully customizable: design, mode of analysis and reported information can be tuned to satisfy client’s requirements.


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