Traceability and anti-counterfeiting at your smartphone


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Nu-CODE™ platform represents a complete system for protection, anti-counterfeiting and identification of your brand by reach of your smartphone, including:

  • En-TAG™: miniaturized data-matrixes into which any kind of digital data (text, audio files, images, etc.) can be stored. The information inside the codes can be encrypted employing standards worldwide algorithms (SSL, AES). Once generated, En-TAG™ microcodes are not rewritable. This ensures the secure identification of a product and its full traceability.
  • Nanoviewer: the software designed and developed for encoding and decoding En-TAG™, supporting Android and iOS platforms.

The main advantages of Nu-CODE™ platform are

ADAPTABILITY Nu-CODE™ can be fully adapted to the customer’s needs. In particular, the En-TAG™ code can be generated by means of a marking system already on customer’s site or one or more components of the platform can be integrated in an existing product line.

LOW COST The En-TAG™ micro-codes can be produced on label by the standard production process used in holographic industry, which involves the generation of unique master to employ in high-speed roll-to-roll embossing process. In case of requirements of including variable data from one product to another, the Nu-CODE™ technology allows one to generate En-TAG™ microcode via direct laser marking on a wide range of materials. In this last case, Scriba Nanotecnologie offers consultancy for design and manufacture of laser markers guaranteed and certified for the marking of En-TAG ™ micro-codes.

RELIABILITY  The high reliability of En-TAG™ micro-codes used as data carriers, and of the NanoViewer software for the readout, make Nu-CODE™ an extremely robust platform throughout the life cycle of the product, from the production process to the final customer.

CUSTOMIZATION Every single aspect of the Nu-CODE™ platform can be customized according to the customer requirements. Possible customizations include En-TAG™ label design, rebranding of the software products, data capacity, size and content of the En-TAG™ codes and limited access to part of the contents of the En-TAG™ codes. Digital data contained in En-TAG™ codes can be made accessible to different levels of users (e.g. supervisor/inspector/consumer), depending on the security requirements of the customer. For each user level a specific software NanoViewer version can be provided. Moreover, according to the client needs, there are several ways of checking the En-TAG™:

  • Quality assurance. Check of readability and En-TAG ™ code quality parameters directly into the production line.
  • Audit sample. Sample testing of some products of a batch, done by inspectors with dedicated reader or smartphone. For this type of survey, a dedicated version of the NanoViewer software is provided. The software is able to verify the authenticity of the product and to extract the data for its complete traceability.
  • Smartphone check. Verification by consumers with a smartphone and NanoViewer app. For this type of inquiry, a free dedicated version of NanoViewer is distributed, according to the requests of the customer.

WEB ANALYTICS Every Nanoviewer software version is able to collect the data extracted during each reading and send them to a database. According to the needs of the customer, these data can be associated with others, such as the identification of the type of user (inspector/consumer/other) and the geolocation of the readout. Scriba Nanotecnologie offers a service for collection, management and analysis of data, and for generating customizable statistics according to customer’s specific requirements.


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