Master per Replica Moulding – PDMS

We are able to fabricate master which are mainly used in the case of Replica Molding, using the 3D printer or using photolithographic processes on silicon wafers or on glass. For our work we take into account the specifications of our customers and provide a dedicated support to achieve the desired goal, for example by recommending the materials you prefer to use.

We are able to provide the optical microscope and the AFM characterization of the master, on request.

Replica Molding – PDMS Polymer

There are several methods that allow the realization of models with characteristics having dimensions smaller than 100 nm on a surface of interest. These techniques, however, may require the use of specific equipment. On the contrary, soft-lithography techniques can be made accessible to more users, are economical and allow the transfer of models of functional materials and on a wide range of surfaces.

Through the Replica Molding technique, it is possible to replicate the shape and structure of a mold using organic polymers, the most common being polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS).

Today, a wide range of products, is created using the replica molding technique.

The production steps to be applied when working with this technique are:

  • manufacture of the master with desired topography;
  • transferring the pattern present on the master bringing in contact the master itself with a pre-polymer of the PDMS which is made to polymerize in oven to be later removed from the master;
  • transfer of the structures present on the mold in cross-linked PDMS on a final

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