annuncio ricercatore

Research grant position for 1 year is available in Scriba Nanotecnologie srl, in the framework of Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN action iSwitch (Integrated self-assembled SWITCHable systems and materials: towards responsive organic electronics – a multi-site innovative training action)

iSwitch will combine chemical control over the formation of ordered multifunctional  self-assembled  systems,  with  physical  control  over  their  charge  transport  properties modulated  by external stimuli. In particular, new moieties will be developed, by synthetic routes, to undergo a change in state when subjected to external stimuli.  This translation will  be accomplished via an amplification of the instruction, e.g. through collective or cooperative behaviour. Lithographic control of self-organization and  post-fabrication  treatments  will  be  used  to  drive  the  hierarchical  organization  of  the  responsive   molecular components. Macroscopic and planar interfaces such as the typical ones present in devices (electrodes and dielectric substrates) will be functionalized with suitable SAMs, to influence charge transport at nanoscale of the active layer.  By combining  chemical/physical  tailoring  of  the  different  interfaces  in  the  device,  as  well  as  the geometry  and  composition  of  the  system  (e.g.  by  changing  the  concentration,  size  and  shape  of  SAM  coated nanoparticles) we will attain versatile and multi-input control over the device output, suitable for innovative electronics (e.g. non-binary, multi-value logics, chemical sensors, photodetectors). These devices have a great potential technological impact as electronics moves into multifunctional, wearable, flexible, interacting systems. We plan on fabricating early prototypes of light responsive transistors that could be used as intelligent components e.g. into soft and flexible paper media.

Scriba Nanotecnologie is a dynamic SME, founded by Fabio Biscarini, which is seeking the exploitation of high resolution printing processes for smart optical sensors integrated on packaging materials, flexible electronic devices for research on regenerative medicine. Scriba will host the ESR in a stimulating enterprise environment, forging solutions also to the tough challenges of exploitation.

The candidate should have a Master degree in chemistry, physics or equivalent. The knowledge of microfabrication techniques (photolithography, laser lithography and soft-lithography) will be a strong factor in assessing priority. Knowledge of programming and finite element modeling are welcome. Candidates of all nationalities may apply, but they must not have lived in Italy for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to their appointment. Within the framework of iSwitch, the ESR  will  work  on  the  microfabrication  of  electrodes  exhibiting  a  variety  of  geometries  using  several  precursors  (gold nanoparticles, conductive polymers or graphene oxide), by means of IR laser printer set-up developed by SCRIBA, which can deliver a spatial resolution of 7 μm. The candidate must prepare monthly reports on its activities and present the results in English language in the context of company and project meetings.

Applicants should send a short letter of interest and CV by 15 th July 2017 to