Vision systems for industrial automation

Based on the know-how gained in Nanoviewer development, Scriba has developed a software platform that allows the company to offer a new generation of industrial systems for machine vision, able to satisfy the most demanding requirements:

  • very accurate measurements, with 10 microns spatial resolution
  • 2000 pcs/min inspections using a single camera
  • real-time communication on digital I/O
  • user interface can be stand-alone or easily integrated in any existing application, thanks to cutting edge web technologies

The analysis software is designed for efficiency, modularity and portability, and is available for a number of different hardware combinations, according to the application requirements:

  • industrial PCs, for maximum reliability and maximum performance
  • smart cameras, for easy installation even where space is tight
  • embedded systems, when minimizing power consumption is the priority

The vision systems Scriba offers are designed and developed according to the specific requirements of each particular application, and are a winning choice in every project where a high degree of customization is required.


Example of graphical interface to be integrated in a HMI (human-machine interface), featuring a navigable history of images, filtering capabilities (i.e. "all images with errors") and analysis configuration.