Nu-CODE™ is a platform for traceability and anti-counterfeiting at your smartphone. Applications are brand protection and identification, anticounterfeit, document security, and safety of the end-user. The platform consists of:

  • En-TAG™: miniaturized data-matrixes where any kind of digital data (text, audio files, images...) can be stored. The information inside the codes can be encrypted employing standards worldwide algorithms (SSL, AES). Once generated, En-TAG™ microcodes are not rewritable. This ensures the secure identification of a product and its full traceability.
  • Nanoviewer: the software designed and developed for En-TAG encoding and decoding, it has also been developed for Android and iOS.
Nu-CODE is fully customizable, for example En-TAG design, capacity, dimensions and content can be chosen on the basis of client requirements. The microcodes can be produced on label (holographic industry) or via direct laser marking on a wide range of materials. In the case of this second choice, Scriba Nanotecnologie offers consultancy for En-TAG design and manifacture of laser markers guaranteed and certified for En-TAGmicrocodes marking.