During years of research, Scriba Nanotecnologie has acquired remarkable skills in the field of microstructured materials and image analysis. Today, Scriba is a high knowledge content company that has developed two business lines:

  • Custom computer vision systems for industrial automation and for image analysis devices and apps
  • Microfabricated devices for microfluidic applications and next-generation packaging

As a highly innovative SME, Scriba Nanotechnologie has been active partner in nine research projects at European level, funded by FP6 programs, FP7 and H2020.

Scriba Nanotecnologie is committed to the safeguarding of human and enviroment health. For this reason has developed an innovative system for capillary controlling of the cold chain of medicinal products and consumables: the TTAG, a project funded in Phase 1 by the EU in 2016.